Frequently Asked Questions


Everyone has not had a massage before and for those that have sometimes still have unanswered questions before their arrival to the massage session. Below are just a few FAQ.


Where will my massage be performed?


Your massage will be performed in a warm quiet room. Relaxing massage music will be playing and any type of aroma fragrance that you would prefer to relax and enjoy your massage session.


What should I wear and do I have to fully disrobe?


For your massage session you should wear light loose fitting clothing. I advise something like sweat pants, t-shirt and tennis shoes or sandals. No jewerly or makeup should be worn during a massage (makeup is your personal discretion). The therapist will ask you to disrobe to your comfort level. Typically in most massage session you will disrobe to your undergarments and lay underneath the sheet.


What type of lotion or oils do you use?

We use Biotone Massage Cream which is a lotion based product and basic unscented massage oil. Any essential oils added will be at the clients discretion.


Will the therapist be present while I disrobe?


No the therapist will not be present. The therapist will stand outside of the room while you disrobe. She will give you 3-4 minutes to disrobe and get comfortable on the table. She will then knock and enter the room to begin the massage session.


How will I feel after my massage session?


Everyone has a different feeling after a massage. Alot of times you feel a euphoria feeling. Which can be great and refreshing. You should be very relaxed and then rehydrate yourself with water for the remaining of the day. This will help you get the full benefit of receiving your massage.