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Eating Healthy and Saving Money At The Same Time

Hello All! By now some of us are in week 2 and or week 3 of the virus quarantine. Instead of talking about it everyday we are going to talk about things that we CAN do and pass the time productively without thinking about work. So, my youngest and I started a vegetable garden in our back yard and as well learned how to regrow our produce from kitchen scraps! Sounds boring or nah? I love it!

For those of you with or without a "Green Thumb" this can be a fun experience as well as a "MONEY SAVER"! We can talk body and money with this blog! Stay healthy on your produce and save some money long term. Sometimes we want the short term saver but, right now nothing seems short term. So let's take the longer route you may be more grateful in the end. This project has kept us busy and our minds on what the growth will be the following day. There has been something exciting to see every morning!

So, we started our regrow from scraps of Scallions (green onions), Lettuce, and Celery. The base of the scraps is what you will need. We placed the base of the lettuce where you see it has been cut from the ground in cup with about 1 inch or so of water. We did the same with the base of the celery stalk and as well our scallions. Within two days we began to see the new leaf growth from the original scraps of the lettuce, new stalks of celery, and scallions growing. Once the new growth has reached a desirable height we placed them in the ground and or flower pot. If done correctly you will have yourself new produce to cut from yourself in a matter of weeks!

Mean time we had over the past two weeks built our raised garden from wooden fence paneling, nails, brick/tile, homemade compost, trash bags for our base lining, and garden soil. Very easy and simple to build. ( I can tell you how to make your own compost too). *Your soil and placement of seeds is key to how much you will yield in your garden.

We are now just two weeks into our growth stages. We planted cucumbers, snow peas, green beans, bell peppers, cantaloupes, sugar baby water melons and a few different types of tomatoes. We still have plenty of room to plant so I am sure we will be adding to the feast of fruits and veggies. We will keep you updated on our progress and would love to hear if you garden also! We all love great tips! Please share with us!

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