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Our Services

Each massage session begins with a thorough consultation. All massages are always customized to the particular needs of our clients. If you would like to add any additional services, we do our best to incorporate those into your massage treatments. All massages include hot towels for the feet at no additional cost, a relaxing scalp massage and your choice of massage oil or massage cream.

Swedish Massage

Release your stress and tension with this Relaxation massage. Using light to medium effleurage strokes. You will leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.


$85-60 minutes

$120-90 minutes

Deep Tissue Massage

Let's get rid of these knots, relax and relieve the tension all at the same time. Deep Tissue massage will reduce the inflammation and daily stress we put on the body. Rather you exercise daily, sit at a desk for a long period of time or have overall poor posture. This massage will put your mind and body at ease while reducing toxins. 


$85-60 minutes

$120-90 minutes

Aromatherapy Massage

Relax and enjoy the aroma with your choice of essential oils. Swedish style massage with light to medium pressure. 


$85-60 minutes

$100-90 minutes

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is a dry therapy with little to no oil or cream. Includes active stretching. We are looking to increase blood flow, lengthen the muscles and, reduce any stressed and or overused area. This massage is great rather for pre or post workout.


$95- 60 minutes

Get Balanced

This treatment is specifically for womans health. It is an uplifting treatment that is great for hormonal balance and support with managing women’s health This soothing blend of Lavender, Fennel, Clary Sage, Jasmine and Yarrow for balancing promotes a feeling of stability and calm.

$95 - 60 mins

$125 - 90 mins

Ashiatsu Massage

Release your stress and tension with barefoot bar technique. Deep Feet Therapy is an alternative approach to traditional massage. The therapist will use their barefoot to apply a deeper pressure with broad consistent strategic strokes. Applying pressure without causing pain to yourself or themselves.

$100-60 minutes

$160-90 minutes

Mommy Massage

Mommy needs to relax too! This massage is a prenatal session. Only available after you have passed your first trimester and or after 14 weeks. This is a fully relaxation massage customized to the liking of mommy. Includes a relaxing scalp treatment with choice of warm oils, or peppermint scalp treatment.


$95- 60 minutes

$120 - 90 minutes

Hot Stone Massage

Relaxing has never been better! Enjoy this massage with heated or cool stones. We will massage the body to pinpoint your stress areas then use the stones throughout the entire massage. This massage will promote great sleep, increase blood flow, reduce stress and tension, and give you an overall feeling of relaxation.


$130- 90 minutes

$160- 120 minutes

Lymphatic Massage Cupping

Considered a medical massage treatment. Great for stagnant lymph, a less invasive way of removing scar tissue. Will assist in reducing pain, increasing blood flow and circulation.

$95-60 mins

$115-90 mins

Add on treatments:

Hot Stones $25.00

Aromatherapy $10.00

Scalp Nourishment Treatment $25.00

Arthritis Treatment $25.00

Sinus Treatment $25.00

Himalayan Hand and Foot Scrub $45 

What Our Clients Say

Jessica L.

Kristina is amazing! Her massages are the best, hands down! Her space is very clean, calming and relaxing. I have legitimately never had a massage as good as today. She was very focused on the areas of complaint and did an amazing job! I will definitely be back!

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